Unboxing Battle for Kursk Deluxe

Battle for Kursk The Tigers are Burning 1943 (deluxe edition)

Designer: Trevor Bender
Artists: Charles Kibler, Rodger B. MacGowan
Publisher: RBM Studio

Check out what's in the box in this deluxe edition:









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ASL Rising Sun Unboxing

ASL Rising Sun

See what's in the box:


MMP Games

A reprint of the PTO box for ASL, this time not only including the old Gung Ho and Code of Bushido, but also the Gavutu Tanambogo CG and a small CG from Special Ops magazine. Tons of scenarios in this big box, check it out.

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Absolute War Unboxing

Carl Paradis  does the Eastern Front yet again, this time with no dice!

Check it out.


absolute war snap

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This War Without an Enemy -unboxing

This War Without an Enemy

Nuts! Publishing

Designer: Scott H. Moore

Art: Nicolas Roblin


Check out what's in the box:


TWWAE thumb

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Verdun 1916: Steel Inferno Unboxing

Verdun 1916 Steel Inferno

Designer: Walter Vejdovsky
Artists: Sébastien Brunel, Jacques Tardi
Publisher: Fellowship of Simulations

Check out what's in the box in this French import:


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