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Funding their next project

I recently was in touch with Wolfgang, owner of Assault Games. They are drumming up support for their next game which starts crowdfunding this fall. Here's a link to the gamefound page:
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And here's the note he sent me, with info about what they are up to:
Thank you for your support on our hobby.
About Assault! Games:
The idea to develop a new tactical wargame system is older than the company Assault Games. My old school friend Erich Rankl and I designed wargame concepts and ideas beginning from our times at school in the 90s. We lost this for a certain period while serving in the Navy (me) and Army (he), but found together after these years when we were back to school for studing after our military career in 2003. I had some brought back wargames from a trip in USA and we played a lot and found that we had more ideas to improve this by own ideas. So we started to draft our own system. Coming from this we found other supporters like Michael - a graduated historian and a real fan of complex board- and tabletop wargames. We joined together and worked out the Assault tactical wargame system with its unique dice system.
Our artist Ingrid who knew Erich from his P&P roleplaying group and later her husband Michael supported us with the artwork for the games.
When we finished the design of the first Red Horizon 41 module in 2020, I went looking for a suitable publisher. Unfortunately, there was no definite interest from THE established tactical wargame publishers to take over the concept.
Assault Games was born out of this necessity. We wanted to realise our dream of our own tactical wargame system.
So I am decided to start my own "one-man-show" publishing company in 2020 beside my day job. Erich is co-designer for the system. Michael still supports with his huge board gaming experience and takes some design influence. Our first Kickstarter as a newcomer brought us enough backers to be able to realize the first module of our tactical system Assault Red Horizon 41.
Red Horizon 41 gets good player reviews and even landed in Grant's (The Players Aid)Top 10 Wargames 2021 right away.
After this success we decided to proceed with our series - even this is so much work we do beside our day jobs!!!
With Assault Sicily 43 - we are now in front of our second crowdfunding project. The Assault tactical system has then two strings we want to further develop - the eastern front and the western front. 
In the meantime, the project team has taken on international features. For the rules editing I met Jim, Robert (both UK) and Tom (USA) plus others. Mark, a friend in Las Vegas, assisted with the first VASSAL module. Without all these supporters, such a development would not be possible. For this I am grateful.
To my person:
I am 44 years old, married and father of three sons. When I'm not working on Assault Games, I like to build bows and arrows. The craft is a very good balance for the office work. Otherwise I play some music with my accordion from time to time. As already mentioned, Assault Games is a beside day job one-man-show. In real life, I work as an engineer and project manager in the field of military logistics. I don't want to say more details and what I'm working on here. Only this much. There are some exciting topics.
-Best of luck to Wolfgang and Erich. I look forward to checking out their system 
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Heading back to GMT West

I'll be returning to GMT West for their Spring Weekend at the Warehouse event in late April 2023!

I thought the last time might be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, but here I am going again, 7 months later.

If you're going, hit me up to play something or just say hello.


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Participating in ACDC live stream

Cardboard Pusher to host segment for Armchair Dragoons live show


Saturday, Jan 14 at 5PM EST, I'll be hosting a live segment for the Armchair Dragoons.

If all goes according to plan, I'll be turning the tables on podcast host and game designer Harold Buchanan, and interviewing him.

I'll post more details here on how to tune in as soon as I can. It's to be live video, so I imagine it will be via Youtube, Discord, or zoom

Register Here for ACDC!

Once registered (cheap, only five bucks and plenty to see and do!), you can look up the interview in the event schedule and grab a pass (free). Then you'll get the youtube URL to watch live.





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