Readers Top 5 of 2022 Results

Readers Top 5 of 2022 Results


The results are in!


We had 23 folks contribute their top 5(ish) games played in 2022. Unless specifically told they were in no particular order, I ranked them on a 5-1 point scale and tabulated the results. I've only included games that got more than one vote, so there's a few at the end that might have fewer points than someone's single top pick, but I think it's more interesting to see what multiple people are playing. I'll list the others at the end.

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On to the results!


ASL was the winner with 16 points from 4 voters. No big surprise to see such a storied game on a lot of tables.asl

Last Blitzkreig was a surprise #2 with 14 points from 4 voters. A game I haven't played, so obviously I'm missing out.LastBlitzkreig

Combat Commander 12/4. No surprise here as this game has a ton of fans.cce

Commands and Colors: Ancients  8/3. Ditto.CCA

Flying Colors  8/2. Another surprise to me.FlyingColorsCover

Old School Tactical v2  8/2. Hmm...Can I really take on another tactical system?OSTv2 cover

Red Flag Over Paris  8/2. I've tried it, haven't quite got the hang of it yet. Apparently there are some new variant cards coming for it.RedFlagOverParis

Panzer 7/2. Another venerable series. I finally bought the base game last fall, so it's in my future.PanzerCover Medium

Paths of Glory 7/2. Five years ago this game seemed to be everywhere. Glad to see it still has serious fans.Pathsof Glory cover

Stonewall's Sword 7/2. Blind Swords rocks.StonewallsSwordCover

Undaunted Normandy 7/2. Ditto.UndauntedNormandyCover Medium

Barbarians at the Gates  6/2. I've heard raves from a few folks about this one.BarbariansattheGatesCover

Commands and Colors: Napoleon  6/2. Another time-loved series.CCN

Imperial Struggle  6/2. Too fiddly for some, but catnip for others.impstrugg

Pacific War  5/2. The beast was at least two people's cup of tea. It sits on my shelf, daring me to try learn it.PacificWarCover


la Bataille de Quatre Bras  4/2. So far I have avoided the La Bat addiction. I understand it's no as hard to shake as ASL, but worse than nicotine.LaBatQuatreBrasCover

Men of Iron TriPack  4/2.  On my shelf of opportunity as well.MenOf IronTripakCover

Up Front  4/2.  This would have been on my list if not for the sad fact that I didn't play it this year.upfront

Twilight Struggle  4/2.  It's impossible to keep a juggernaut down.TwilightStruggleCover

Conquest & Consequence  4/2.  I was skeptical T&T would work in the Pacific. Apparently I was wrong.ConquestConsequenceCover

Salerno 43  3/2.  I've only played this so;lo so far, but I'm surprised it didn't place higher.Salerno43

Games that received single first place votes:

Axis Empires (DG)
B-17 Flying Fortress Leader
Enemy Action Ardennes
Kaiserkrieg (White Dog)
Next War India Pakistan
North Africa: Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps
Rommel in the Desert
Time of Crisis
Triumph Of Chaos
Unhappy King Charles

(UKC was my #1, so don't feel alone if yours is on this list!)


Games that received one vote, but not first place:

Last Hundred Yards
Last Stand: Battle for Moscow
Roads To Gettysburg Avalon Hill
Third Reich
Triumph and Tragedy
1914 Nach Paris
Bonaparte in the Quadrilateral
Cry Havoc Guiscard
Death of an Army Ypres 1914
Donnerschlag (VUCA)
Empire of the Sun
From Salerno to Rome
Greatest Day, Gold, Juno, Sword (MMP)
Harpoon V
Hearts & Minds (Compass)
Here I Stand
Lock n Load Tactical (Lock n Load Publishing)
N: The Napoleonic Wars
Panzer Grenadier (Avalanche Press)
Sicily I, OCS
Successors 3e
Vietnam 65-75
Warfighter (DVG)
WWII Commander: Battle of the Bulge
2nd Fleet
A Greater Victory (Revolution)
All Bridges Burning …, COIN, GMT
Barbarossa Army Group Center GMT
BOAR Tripack
Command & Colors: Tricorne
Crusade And Revolution
Hood Strikes North
Korea OCS
Lamps are Going Out
Redvers' Reverse
Shores of Tripoli
Stonewall Jackson's Way II
American Tank ACE
Bayonets and Tomahawks
Blue Water Navy
Brief Border Wars
Brotherhood and Unity
Captains Sea
Demyansk Shield
Holland ‘44
Musket & Pike Dual Pack (GMT)
Napoleon 1806
Pax Pamir 1st Edition


Again, have your say in the forums (you must be logged in to do so, but it's free, no data is collected, etc.) We'd love to hear what you think of the list!

Faves of 2022 disscussion