Ranking Commands and Colors games

I play a fair amout of Commands and Colors. The only game in the series I haven't played is Red Alert, but I've given all the rest a good run. Here's my current ranking, your mileage may vary.

This was the first game that really made you feel pressure to keep your lines intact. If a unit retreats, it faces a rally roll, potentially fleeing the field and giving up a banner. It also has the both a shared main deck and separate tactics deck for each side. The only downside is it's published by Compass which means it's much more expensive than other similar C&C games. ($109 USD list price last I looked.)



The center of the system as far as I'm concerned. Even though it wasn't the first in the system, it feels like the game to which all others are compared: "It's like Ancients except is has x". Super smooth, easy to learn, I'll be playing this when I'm 90. Only quibble is I don't find a ton of difference between units in different expansions. It could have been designed to just use a standard set of blocks and then publish new scenario books and rules rather than make us buy more blocks each expansion.



I'm sure this is #1 on many player's lists. I didn't take to it at first, but then really turned around when I got Expansion 5: Generals, Marshals, and Tacticians. The addition of the Tactics deck adds a ton without making things mush more complex. And in contrast to Ancients, each expansion brings a distinct flavour with each new nationality.


BC150Battle Cry

The most simple game in the system, but still a ton of fun. We all wish someone other than Hasbro owned the rights to this title as it's been long rumoured that Richard Borg has new rules and new scenarios ready. I wish it was blocks instead of minis but at least the system is simple enough that it's only minis and not a mix of minis and counters.



Like most other players, I wish they'd chosen a more exciting spot in the middle ages to begin the series, but the game works well. I find it much bloodier than Ancients, but perhaps that's poor play so far on my part (I haven't played a ton of this yet).



Whereas Medieval felt like an incremental change from Ancients, Samurai Battles goes further. The game takes the class system from Medieval, the lore system from BattleLore, and the tactics cards from Nappy. It penalizes units for retreating, similar to Tricorne. And on top of all that, when you have to roll for possible leader loss, it's a single die rather than the double dice that most titles here use. Lots going on here, but easy to learn if you've already played another in the family. My quibble is the addition of the defender being able to play an Honor and Fortune token to add a die in battle back if there's a leader close. Not a bad rule, but it adds a mailing to PBEM.


GreatWarThe Great War

I need to play this more, but I just haven't been able to get excited about the trench settings. Don't like the minis. Don't like minis and counters mixed. Maybe it will move up the list as I play it more.


battlelore2BattleLore 2

I've played this one a fair amount as it was a favourite of my son. I'm not a fan of the minis, and I'm not generally a fantasy fan. But I really like the way each player constructs their own force pool and their own victory conditions, and how the map grows out of that. Hey, it's fantasy.


memoirMemoir 44

I know this whole series is more thematic than serious simulation, but Memoir feels completely detached from reality, more like playing with army men in the back yard. But it sells like hotcakes, so what do I know?



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