Readers Top 5 of 2022 Results


The results are in!


We had 23 folks contribute their top 5(ish) games played in 2022. Unless specifically told they were in no particular order, I ranked them on a 5-1 point scale and tabulated the results. I've only included games that got more than one vote, so there's a few at the end that might have fewer points than someone's single top pick, but I think it's more interesting to see what multiple people are playing. I'll list the others at the end.

Favourite WWII North Africa Games (2022)

My very first Avalon Hill game was Tobruk, and I've been fascinated by the desert war ever since. Here's a list of my favourite games on the subject, plus a few from the as-yet-unplayed shelf. No shame.

Ranking Commands and Colors games

I play a fair amout of Commands and Colors. The only game in the series I haven't played is Red Alert, but I've given all the rest a good run. Here's my current ranking, your mileage may vary.

My favourite games of 2021

This is a snapshot of my favourite games as of December 2021. It's biased a bit towards what I've played this year. I post this as a geeklist on BGG, but thought non-BGGers might appreciate it as well.

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