Why I don't like minis

Beautiful addition or fiddly disaster?

I know it seems pretty irrelevant in the larger scheme of things, but I just don't enjoy playing games with minis as much as with blocks or cardboard counters. Something about minis makes the game feel cheap to me, and makes it harder to get immersed in the game.

I know some players feel it helps with immersion, but I just don't see how a couple of army men are supposed to make you feel like you're commanding an infantry battalion. I'd rather have a counter with all the stats right there, easy to read.

As well, minis tend to be more expensive than blocks or counters, driving up the price of games.

And finally, I find them fiddly and less easy to handle and store.

Still, the gameplay is always the final arbiter for me. If it's a great game, I'll still bury my aversion to minis and buy it.

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